May 25, 2020

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To counter Bahrain economic conference, J-Street chooses a BDS supporter

Next week, J-Street will hold an online event to counter the Bahrain economic conference for helping Palestinians, featuring Palestinian/American businessman Sam Bahour to describe why Kushner’s vision for economic prosperity for Palestinians is wrong and his is correct:

This Tuesday, as the Kushner workshop gets underway in Bahrain, Palestinian-American businessman and economic advocate Sam Bahour will join J Street members for an online briefing, directly from the West Bank. He’ll speak about his analysis of the Bahrain workshop and Trump administration policy, the barriers to business thrown up by the occupation and how the US can more constructively engage with the Palestinian economy to help lay the groundwork for peace.

J-Street claims that it is “pro-Israel, pro-peace.” It claims that it is against BDS.
But when it wants to create counterprogramming to an American initiative to discuss helping Palestinians economically, it turns to a BDS supporter.
Meaning that Bahour is not going to present any ideas where Israel and Palestinians cooperate on peace or economic prosperity. He can’t – he wants Palestinians to boycott Israel. And like all BDS leaders, whether he says it out loud or not, his endgame is to destroy Israel. 
This is who J-Street wants to cozy up to.
In any conceivable peace plan or two state plan, Palestinians will have to cooperate with Israel economically. J-Street is against that.
Clearly, J-Street is not as against BDS as they claim to be.

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