May 25, 2020

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"Palestine Expo" in London: Pro-Palestinian or anti-Israel?

One of the more obvious cases of psychological projection from the “pro-Palestinian” camp is the “X-washing” accusation, which is predicated on the idea that Israel is so obsessed with the “occupation” that essentially everything the nation or Israelis do is either in support of oppressing, or a ruse to distract the world from, the Palestinian Arabs.

In reality, Israelis live their lives without thinking much about their would-be genocidal neighbors unless there are rockets falling. Real life involves work, school, entertainment, culture and family where the Palestinian issue is simply not thought about very much, except for people who work in NGOs or are extreme leftists.

Contrast this with how Palestinians view themselves.

Next month, London will host the “Palestine Expo.” 

Palestine Expo is a unique experience, which proudly celebrates Palestinian art, history and culture whilst fostering discussion and activism in the UK. Palestine Expo combines the use of traditional forms of education with cutting edge technology to raise awareness about Palestine. Palestine Expo brings people together to celebrate Palestine like never before.    

While the expo does spend some time on “Palestinian culture” with fake date-palm trees and a “Palestinian wedding” from 1900 (way before any Arabs identified themselves as Palestinian,) it spends more time not celebrating Palestine but bashing Israel:

Virtual Graffiti: Hold a virtual spray can and graffiti your message of freedom across the apartheid wall.
Banned items: Look inside the back of a lorry to see what everyday items are banned from entering Gaza, due to the siege imposed by Israel.

  • BDS: Have a go at knocking down apartheid in a game of BDS bowling.
  • Education: what obstacles will you face on your journey to school? Walk towards the oversized book to find out.
  • Child prisoners: See what state a child’s bedroom is left in after Israeli troops arrest them during a night raid.
  • Water: Fill up the buckets and watch the scale tip when measuring water disparity between Israel & Palestine.
  • Checkpoints: Walk with the most vulnerable Palestinians who pass through checkpoints daily. Will you be able to answer their questions?
  • Apartheid wall: See how you interact with your family during a meal with the Apartheid wall cutting through the dinner table. A symbol of how families are separated by the wall.
  • Settlements: 3D settlements placed on the  disappearing maps will show you the density and increase of Israeli settlements over time.
  • Sport in Palestine: Score some goals and have a kick about in the football area where you can learn how occupation restricts the beautiful game.
  • A&E in Gaza: Feeling unwell? Visit doctors in the Gaza hospital and see the difference in treatment Palestinians receive. 
  • UN tent: Hear personal stories from three generations on the impact of the Nakba and importance of the Right to Return. Set in a 1948 UN tent.

The conference part of the “expo” has essentially nothing about Palestinian history, culture or celebration. It is completely an anti-Israel conference.

Here’s detail from day 1, you can click on the other images to see the entire program.

Once you see this in context, you realize that even the exhibits that celebrate “Palestinian culture” are really meant to create the myth of Palestinian culture, as up until the 1960s there was no such thing outside of the larger Arab and Levantine culture. Even those exhibits are created with the idea of Israel in mind – Palestinians must make up a fake history in order to lay claim to the land that is stronger that the Jewish claim.

The most laughable example of that comes from this exhibit:

Tapestry: Over 70 metres of tapestry pieces stitched by Palestinian women. This collection illustrates Palestine from Neolithic to current day.

The Neolithic period was the final stage of the Stone Age – 12,000 years ago.

Palestine Expo isn’t designed to celebrate Palestine but to incite hate against Israel. Which is pretty much what the entire Palestinian cause is really is about to begin with.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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