December 8, 2023

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The Virus That Keeps on Living

By Daphne Anson


Ancient. Adaptable.
To quote the uploader, Honest
“The Coronavirus pandemic is making headline news, and countries are implementing strict measures to deter the spread of this infectious disease. Yet, Iranian press has used the spread of this virus as a means of spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories (at the same time that Israel is working to develop a vaccine).”
More about Iran’s associated antisemitism here
And for the phenomenon more generally be sure to look here

Meanwhile, Press TV hack Roshan M. Salih, a Britisn Muslim, has been receiving much deserved censure over a recent widely reported fanatical tweet of his:

Among his critics was the famous Iranian-born “Imam of Peace”.

Naturally, as he shows in an article blaming “Israel’s troll army” (see here), Salih’s digging his heels in.

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