April 13, 2021

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The PLO exploits the pandemic by accusing Israel of exploiting the pandemic


The PLO is trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to demand international action to force Israel to release terrorists.

Of course, the PLO always demands the release of terrorists, so they are just using the pandemic as a new lever to get their demands met.

But the language they use shows how they project their own thinking onto Israel.

The PLO executive committee member Ahmed Al-Tamimi, head of the Human Rights and Civil Society Department, sent letters to the United Nations and all international bodies, to press the occupation to release the Palestinian prisoners after they became easy prey for the Coronavirus…

Al-Tamimi warned the international community “that the occupation exploits the coronavirus and the preoccupation of societies and states with it, in order to implement its criminal plans against the Palestinians, especially the prisoners who are now in great danger. And unleashing the settlers to attack the Palestinians and the leveling of lands and the expansion of settlements in the occupied territories, is evidence of this fascist racist mentality that will not hesitate to commit any crime against the Palestinians.”

If anything, Israel’s activities in the territories has decreased, mostly because of fewer Palestinians rioting.

The Palestinian leadership finds any excuse – or no excuse – do constantly demonize Israel, even in the middle of a pandemic. This is practically part of their DNA.

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