August 21, 2019

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The Neturei Karta seem to have helped write the Al Azhar declaration on Jerusalem

The text of the Al Azhar World Declaration to Support Jerusalem, the result of the conference last week that Mahmoud Abbas attended, has 13 paragraphs of declarations and recommendations.

Paragraph 10 is interesting:

The conference urges the wise people of the Jews themselves to take into consideration history, which witnessed their persecution in every place yet they were tolerated only under the Muslim civilization, and to expose Zionist practices contrary to the teachings of Moses, peace be upon him, (including)  violation of the sanctity and the theft of the land and the looting of our sanctities .

There were a couple of Neturei Karta members in attendance, and Arabic language media widely reported on them.

It sounds like they were invited to add their own paragraph (or at least to edit it).

The document also claims that Arabs have controlled Jerusalem for 5000 years.

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