August 19, 2019

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Some recent items of interest in Muslim and Israeli media

Here are some things I’ve noticed in the past couple of days from browsing around.

Haaretz reached yet new frontiers of absurdity by saying “only the Arab MKs truly oppose the occupation and seek peace.”

Iran’s Tasnim News started off an article with “Israel, which has failed to achieve the dream of a Zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates, is a constant nuisance for the national security of all countries…”

Al Hayat al Jadida illustrated a story about Zionism with these obvious Zionists:

Literally every day there are headlines about Jews “deliberately desecrating Al Aqsa” by walking on the Temple Mount.

A relatively thoughtful piece in Arab21 about how Israel’s relationship with India could help it achieve the ultimate crime – other Arab states “normalizing” relations. It says that flights between Israel and India may soon be allowed to travel over Saudi airspace, which would of course be a disaster. He goes on to describe other horrible Israeli attempts to make friends in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

In a followup to this story, where there was talk in Morocco of withdrawing citizenship of Moroccan Jews who moved to Israel across the Green Line, the party that was claimed to have been pushing the law has denied it, saying it was only rumors.

Ammon News in English quotes King Abdullah in Davos as saying Jerusalem is “eternal to Jews, Christians and Muslims.” In Arabic it doesn’t mention that; instead it says that Israel’s supposed one state solution “will be a racist state against Arabs, Muslims and Christians.”

Yoel has been sending me videos of this interesting and different Israeli singer on TV competition shows, Neta Barzilai:

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