October 4, 2022

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The disgusting Holocaust hypocrisy of Linda Sarsour @lsarsour


I cam across this video clip of Linda Sarsour passionately saying that America must take responsibility for its refusing to accept Jews fleeing from the Nazis in the 1940s.

Yes, the US and the West needs take ownership for their complicity in not accepting the Jews trying to flee to save their lives.

But Sarsour wants to make this into a “white” problem.

Arabs in rioted throughout the 1930s to stop Jewish legal immigration into Palestine. After enough deadly riots, the British decided that giving in to their demands was easier than saving Jewish lives, and they stopped virtually all Jewish immigration to Palestine – dooming not thousands but hundreds of thousands who could have escaped Nazi Germany and who wanted to return to their ancestral homeland.

If the US is complicit in the deaths of Jews during the Holocaust, the Arabs of Palestine are a thousand times more complicit. 

It wasn’t only the Palestinian Arabs, either. I noted yesterday a ship of Jews who were turned away from Egypt and Turkey as well. Those Muslim countries – and others – could have saved the Jews as well, and refused.

Sarsour wants to pretend that only white people historically oppose immigration, and people of color – or faux people of color, in her case – have been nothing but victims. She won’t talk about how Arab nations refuse to naturalize Palestinians and keep them stateless and in camps, 70 years after they left Palestine. And she definitely won’t talk about how Palestinian Arab leader Amin al Husayni was a proud Jew-hater who worked with the Nazis.

The stupid Americans listening to her and applauding her don’t know enough history to challenge her revisionist history.

Linda Sarsour’s cynical use of the Holocaust to promote her own political opinion is disgusting and perverted.

(h/t Deborah Friedman)

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