June 25, 2019

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Ta-ra, Tahra?


By Daphne Anson


 Just fancy that!

From the billboard of a church in Atlanta, Georgia, 2015:

A misinterpretation, apparently:

Tahra herself shows little sign of believing that Jews are members of that human family:

As reported in the Jewish Chronicle, following a story broken by The Times:

‘A volunteer working with victims of the Grenfell Tower fire has said the 71 people who died in the disaster were “burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice”.

Tahra Ahmed, a conspiracy theorist who believes the 9/11 terror attack was faked by Jews, has been running an aid network to help those affected by fire.

According to The Times, Ms Ahmed, 47, told reporters that the fire was a “holocaust”

 Ms Ahmed shared her view that Jews were responsible for the tragedy on her Facebook page.

She claimed the tower, in west London, was owned by a Jewish property developer. It is in fact owned by Kensington and Chelsea Council. 

“Hitler and the Germans were the victims of the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Germany,” she wrote.

“Watch the live footage of people trapped in the inferno with flames behind them. They were burnt alive in a Jewish sacrifice.

“Grenfell is owned by a private Jewish property developer just like the Twin Towers. I wonder how much Goldman [Goldman Sachs,] is standing to make in the world’s most expensive real estate location [Kensington].”….’

 As The Times revealed:
 ‘[She]was an activist at the protest about the fire and has been running a volunteer network to help those affected by the tragedy. But she is known to antisemitism watchdogs who have been alarmed by her public claims about the Nazi genocide and “Jewish power”. …’

 These are typical of her warped mindset, and that of many of her Facebook faithful:

Yes, she’s posted many hardcore antisemitic messages to Facebook, but remains unrepentant:

To quote from an interesting report here:

‘Attending a town hall protest two days after the fire, she told reporters there that the fire was a “holocaust.” She has allegedly previously described the Holocaust as the “holohoax” and posted on Facebook: “Hitler and the Germans were the victims of the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Germany.” She is also a proponent of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terror attacks were faked by Jews.

 In one Facebook comment found by Campaign Against Antisemitism after The Times published its article, she wrote:

 “All the leadership of ISIS is directly recruited by CIA and the leadership are all Arab Jews, trained by Mossad.”

Councillors in Kensington and Chelsea are reportedly so worried about unchecked volunteers’ involvement with Grenfell Tower survivors that they have written to the Secretary of State to complain.’

Campaign Against Antisemitism calls for Ms Ahmed to be immediately stood down in her role assisting volunteers. To blame the unspeakable tragedy of Grenfell on a historically persecuted people is to let down those victims she claims to represent and support and exacerbate social division in Britain.

Meanwhile, in the wake of Donald trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, an item on Facebook (unconnected to Tahra Ahmed; found by Peter Sweden, 11 December):

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