July 7, 2020

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Synagogue opens inside the Western Wall tunnels, Arabs angry


A beautiful new synagogue was opened inside the tunnels that abut the Western Wall, and in fact this synagogue is closer to the site of the Holy of Holies of the Jewish Temples than any other place to pray.

It was dedicated last night , appropriately, right after the candlelighting of the seventh night of Chanukah.

The unique Ark holding the Torahs is spherical, and includes texts from the Shema and the Song of Songs.

Of course, Palestinians are upset at a new synagogue. Ma’an reports it this way:

Despite the tension in the Holy City and the popular and official Arab and international rejection of Trump’s decisions regarding Jerusalem, the occupation authorities opened a new synagogue in the Al-Buraq Wall in Jerusalem.

The reaction is so far muted, less angry than opening of other synagogues in the Old City, but it has been less than 24 hours and there hasn’t been time for the PA to do its normal organizing of “spontaneous” anger.

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