January 26, 2021

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Stay in an AirBnB in a "refugee" camp near Bethlehem


Do you want to experience life in a Palestinian Arab camp?

Airbnbhas a home with a room that can be rented in the Dheisheh UNRWA camp. It’s a bargain, at $24 a night.  Only women and couples can apply, as the wife is home alone.

Here are the rooms in this house that the international community has paid for:

The experience was written up in a blog called Against the Compass, and between that and the Airbnb reviews it is obvious that the family is offering the room so they can engage in anti-Israel propaganda.

Ibrahim isn’t just an amazing host but he will also take you around the camp. Life in a refugee camp is pretty similar to life in any suburb, with the difference that here houses are not numbered, the streets are nameless, there are pro-Palestine paintings everywhere and Israeli police incursions occur pretty often, as refugee camps are where most of the pro-Palestinian activists come from.
The entire camp is stamped with paintings, representing Palestinian martyrs, who have either been killed or put in jail for the rest of their lives. Ibrahim knew the story behind each and every one of these martyrs. Here are some examples:

These are 3 brothers who lived in East Jerusalem and helped the activists who participated in the second intifada make their way into Jerusalem. They were arrested and punt into jail for the rest of their lives. Their brother is alive and is the neighbour of Ibrahim

Translated to normal English, this means that these three brothers helped people enter Jerusalem to murder Jews. That is why they would have life sentences. But they are heroes to the Airbnb hosts and therefore to the stupid and gullible Westerners who pay for the privilege of learning to love murderers.

94 people have given mostly positive reviews to this friendly family that lionizes terrorists..

And by the way – this nice house that Ibrahim’s family shares with Westerners for only $24 a night is on land that belonged to Jews and was taken away and given to UNRWA by Jordan. Just one small fact that the Western guests will not learn from their hosts.

(h/t Ahron)

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