January 26, 2021

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Palestinians cry over Israel destroying school illegally built only two weeks ago


Palestinian media today has photos of teachers giving lessons outside to a small group of students. The reason? Evil Israel destroyed their school a couple of nights ago.

The Palestinian Education Ministry condemned the demolition, saying “it is a result of continued and systematic incitement by the occupation against Palestinian education….This reveals the ugly face of the occupier which destroys educational institutions without regard to human rights and human rights laws and charters. We call on all international institutions to intervene immediately  to put an end to these violations and criminalization of education.”

The school was only opened two weeks ago. It was built specifically to be destroyed, at a cost of 41,000 euros. Its dedication was attended by lots of Palestinian officials and at the time they said that the school, built in Area C under Israeli control without permits, was meant to be a challenge to Israeli authorities. The speeches that accompanied the opening emphasized how the school (and another school opened at the same time) was built in “record time” and how the entire school was meant, not as an educational institution, but as a “challenge” to Israel.  The very name of the school was “challenge” (Al-Tahadi.)

Wait for the condemnations by complicit Western NGOs that will emphasize Israel’s demolition of a school without mentioning that the school was meant to be demolished so that photos of children pretending to study outside can be published.

These students were in a school elsewhere only three weeks ago.

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