November 18, 2018

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Snowballs & A Missive from British Columbia

By Daphne Anson


It’s swelteringly hot in Oz this week, which is perhaps why my thoughts have turned longing to snow.

Alas, this is what I came across, written by Dan Snow. 

The Duke of Westminster’s son-in-law, the well-connected Dan comes from a broadcasting family: he’s pompous Israel-bashing Channel 4 newspeader John Snow’s nephew and BBC broadcaster Peter Snow’s son.  He himself presents television documentaries on historical topics.

Here’s a recent photo of Dan with Israel-demoniser Professor Avi Shlaim, practically every British Israel-bashing event’s de rigueur guest.  

Judging from the chummy smiles, it’s perhaps not so very surprising seems that Mr Snow, who calls himself “The History Guy,” has been falling for and disseminating faux propaganda (in polite parlance “balls”) on Twitter regarding a certain Declaration:

He soon found himself challenged.  When asked whether he included Palestinian Jews in the above, he responded “Absolutely”.

The questioner then observed: “Glad you clarified that, Dan because dig into the soil of Israel and you find eons of Jewish history.” 

To which Snow replied: “You bet. Texan soil has eons of Spanish history too but the British empire would have been behaving oddly giving it to Spain…”

Among the subsequent criticisms of Snow came this, from an international relations specialist at a UK university: ‘I was more intrigued by “owned by the Ottomans” as if that’s somehow a more legitimate form of imperialism than a League of Nations mandate.’

Quite so.

Meanwhile, from a Canadian, an old mate of ours has received, none too happily, some home truths:
What irony!

I mean, has there ever been a time when any of Sizer’s followers has intervened to suggest a red card for, let alone police action against, the raw antisemitic commenters and “Israel did 9/11” conspiracy theorists who are among the ex-vicar’s Facebook friends? 

Not that I’ve noticed.

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