January 18, 2020

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Saudis, Egyptians arresting Palestinians


From Al-Monitor:

The Egyptian state security prosecutor’s office has again extended the detention of activist Ramy Shaath, the son of a former Palestinian foreign minister, on suspicion of having terrorist ties, an accusation his family denies.

Shaath was arrested July 5 at his Cairo home after prosecutors added him to a list of previously arrested suspects that includes journalists, businessmen, politicians and former members of the Egyptian parliament, and involves 19 companies. All the suspects are accused of being members of and funding the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt considers a terrorist group.

Palestine Today has a similar story of am 81-year old Hamas member and his son who were arrested in Saudi Arabia:

A Hamas leader and his son in were arrested in Saudi Arabia for several months without any justification, as part of a campaign against many Palestinians living in the kingdom.

Mohammed Saleh al-Khodari (Abu Hani) and his son Hani, who have been living in Jeddah for nearly three decades. were detained. Hamas considers the arrest of al-Khodari and his son a strange and reprehensible step, especially since he was responsible for managing the relationship with Saudi Arabia for two decades.

These are very prominent Palestinians being arrested. The days of Arabs reflexively supporting Palestinians are long gone.

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