July 14, 2020

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Sadly, many shirtless Gaza protesters never get famous


Today, there is a new set of victims in Gaza.

As I mentioned yesterday, this photo of a “heroic” Gaza protester has gone viral.

The young man, improbably trying to use his sling when he has a flag in the other hand (how does he put the stone in while holding the flag? How can he avoid the sling hitting the flag? Why is he facing towards the sea, where the wind comes from, instead of towards Israel?) has become famous.
But what about the poor bare-chested protesters who did not get the viral treatment? How do you think they feel?
“Why didn’t I think of having a sling?”
“The photographer could have waited until I stopped coughing”

Guy on right: “Teach me how to gain muscle tone.”

“I thought the helmet made me look macho.”

“I stepped on a nail!”

“Maybe the executioner look didn’t work.”

But at least the protesters have a good time:

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