July 14, 2020

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Reconciliation! PA employees show up at their old jobs in Gaza – and Hamas workers stop them with guns


After the agreement brokered by Egypt to reconcile the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, PA workers in various government ministries were supposed to return to their jobs after years of enforce (and paid) vacation.

On Sunday morning, 18 PA employees of the Ministry of Culture showed up to work. But the Hamas workers there didn’t want to give up their positions of leadership.

So they took out guns and threatened to kill the PA workers if they went to work.

The Ramallah-based Ministry of Culture deplored the actions of the Hamas-run Gaza-based Ministry of Culture for threatening its employees, after two months of negotiations to allow them to return to their jobs. The Ministry noted that bringing guns to the workplace to threaten coworkers is not professional.

This is an indication of how well the much heralded reconciliation has been going.

It is also a shame that Gaza will now have a little less culture. One of the planned “cultural” initiatives that are now in jeopardy is “cultural and literary events to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first Palestinian uprising.”

Yes, the ministry that is planning to celebrate violence as part of Palestinian culture is upset that violence is interrupting the work of the ministry.

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