February 27, 2020

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Partial list of how "catastrophic" moving the embassy would be, according to Muslim leaders (and John Kerry)

US Embassy in Tel Aviv

Here’ a partial list of the dire warnings being given by Muslim leaders in recent days over the idea of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, within the areas that the world supposedly agrees is part of Israel.

“The world will pay the price” for any change in Jerusalem’s status. Abbas adviser Mahmoud Habash
Will prolong tensions, chaos and violence Abbas spokesman
Endangers the stability of the Middle East and the whole world Arab League
It will nourish fanaticism and violence Arab League
Stir tensions in the region Egypt
Wiill unleash forces that cannot be contained Hanan Ashrawi
Inflame sentiments and generating tensions and instability throughout the region and beyond Hanan Ashrawi
Would transform into a religious issue Hanan Ashrawi
Trigger anger across the Arab and Muslim world Jordan
Would  strengthen terror organizations in the Middle East.  Jordan’s King Abdullah
Will be exploited by terrorists to stoke anger, frustration and desperation in order to spread their ideologies Jordan’s King Abdullah
Assassinating and destroying the peace process, completely. Mustafa Barghouti
Will inflame the entire region  Nabil Shaath, Abbas advisor
Would heighten tensions in the region Saudi Arabia
Cause a catastrophe  Turkish government
Destroy the peace process Turkish government
Major catastrophe Turkish government
New conflicts, disputes, and unrest in the region Turkish government
Would not benefit Israel or any other country Turkish government

There’s one more quote that should be mentioned. Moving the embassy would cause “an explosion, an absolute explosion in the region, not just in the West Bank, and perhaps even in Israel itself, but throughout the region,. according to John Kerry in 2016.

Kerry’s quote is important because it shows how thoroughly Western diplomats have swallowed Arab threats as being sacrosanct, rather than eye them critically – the entire job of a seasoned diplomat.

The over the top rhetoric shows yet again that this is how Muslim leaders use fear and threats  as part of their normal way of doing politics. Kerry’s echoing those threats – and in fact, exaggerating them – shows that too many Westerners who should know better suffer from what Richard Landes calls “proleptic dhimmitude” – a condition where Westerners take what they believe to be pro-Muslim positions, even beyond what the Muslims themselves say in many cases, in anticipation of supremacist Muslim threats and demands.

They cannot understand the simple fact that these predictions from supposedly “in the know” Arab and Muslim politicians do not reflect reality on the ground, but they are meant to be threats against the free world – plain and simple. Not only that, but they are threats that can only come true when the very people who make the threats incite their people to follow through.

The deadline for President Trump’s signing the waiver that every president has signed since 1995 on the Jerusalem Embassy Act has passed, without him signing it. But not all experts agree that it is a hard deadline. So the issue is still up in the air.

But no matter what happens, there will always be Western leaders eager to believe and submit to Muslim threats.

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