March 21, 2019

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Palestinians use animal rights as another method to attack Israel

In my last article I wrote about endemic and sickening Palestinian abuse of animals.

If a caring animal right activist wants to donate money to help animals under PA control, there is exactly one Palestinian organization that is dedicated to helping animal welfare – the Palestinian Animal League.

Yet the Palestinian Animal League seems to care more about “occupation” than about the kinds of animal abuse that I’ve documented.

In May, the PAL held a conference called “Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals.” It’s description:

What is the “Defending Palestine” Conference ?
Defending Palestine: Liberating the People, the Land, and Animals is a groundbreaking three-day international conference hosted by Palestinian Animal League (PAL) in occupied Palestinian territory, from May 3 through May 6, 2018.  This will not be a traditional conference; it will focus on the shared struggle for land and liberation for all species in Palestine.

Among the many international attendees will be passionate animal rights activists, environmentalists, human rights advocates, those interested in the intersection of all these causes within the context of occupied Palestine.

Instead of actually helping the animals being abused by Palestinians, the only Palestinian animal rights organization is trying to use “intersectionality” to conflate animal rights with hating Israel!

The video promoting the conference doesn’t show a single animal!

The only way they could attract people to their conference was to call for “freedom” of Palestinian animals – meaning, a Palestinian donkey that is dragged behind a truck is OK as long sas it is “free” from “occupation.”

I don’t think the PAL will be issuing any statement thanking Israeli police for caring more about Palestinian animals than Palestinian animal rights activists themselves do.

As it stands, I could not find any photos of the participants in the three day conference, so I think there might have been more speakers than attendees.

But PAL used the conference to send their speakers on a European tour to show “intersectionality” to cynically use animal rights to push their main goal, demonizing Israel – the only country in the region that actually gives a damn about animal rights.

This shows the priorities of Palestinian animal lovers. Donating to the Palestinian Animal League is not going to help the abused donkeys and horse shown previously, the money just goes to another anti-Israel NGO that clothes its anti-Israel stance in a cynical pretense to care about animals.

This is doubly cynical, because even PAL knows that no one would donate to them unless they push their anti-Israel agenda. The pro-animal agenda was obviously not lucrative enough on its own.

We have lots of ideas, but we need more resources to be even more effective. Please donate today to help get the message out and to help defend Israel.

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