December 13, 2019

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Palestinians still trying to murder Jews every day. (We only hear about the "successes.")

Just this week:

Palestinians throwing stones at cars on a road smashed a car’s window near Hizma on Monday.

Another car was damaged from thrown stones on Route 446 on Wednesday.

On Thursday Arab terrorists hurled rocks at vehicles on the road between the communities of Yiftah and Nahal Amos in Gush Etzion. A bus and a car were damaged.

Also on Thursday, a car windshield was smashed on the road between Adam and Hizma, and police were attacked with four Molotov cocktails at Qalandiya crossing.

Gaza hasn’t been quiet either. A number of incendiary balloons were launched on Tuesday near Ofakim.

The mainstream media, and even the English language Israeli media, barely mention these attacks. But stone throwing at vehicles have killed many people. The intention is the same – to kill Jews.

Yesterday, Hamas held an “AskHamas” session on Twitter. When someone asked how they can justify attacking and murdering Israeli civilians, they said it was a natural “reaction” to Israeli actions. And this is how Palestinians feel as a whole – all Jews are considered to be fair game, and they claim that international law justifies it. (It doesn’t.)

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