December 7, 2019

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"Ask Rabbi Sarsour" (Daled Amos)

Last year, Linda Sarsour — who in the past has assured us that “nothing is creepier than Zionism” and has only praise for Louis Farrakhan — went so far as to advise Jews on Antisemitism at a panel assembled by New School:

Now, the ever-helpful Sarsour is advising Jews on who they should and should not support. And who they must not support is The Forward.

We live in a world where antisemites are free to advise Jews who to follow and who to support and what to believe, if you don’t want to be a target, and especially if you want to be welcomed among progressives. Just remember how Women’s March proudly shunned Jews, until there was pushback.

Keep in mind that Sarsour is a fan of Louis Farrakhan, who among the vile things that have spewed from his mouth over the years, has helpfully advised his own followers on the need to distinguish between the “good” Jews and the “bad” Jews:

[Y]ou and I are going to have to learn to distinguish between the righteous Jew and the Satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with poison and deceit.

Sarsour has previously assured us that feminism is “incompatible with Zionism.”
Now Sarsour has decided that criticizing antisemitism is incompatible with being a progressive.

But at least we are getting a good laugh out of it:

Among the “shailos” (halachic questions) so far, under the hastage #AskRabbiSarsour:

o Do you still say Kaddish for Hamas terrorists that blow themselves up?
o What bracha do you make upon seeing Louis Farrakhan in all his might and glory?
o How long should you wait between hanging out with PFLP terrorists and Hamas terrorists, 3 hours or 6?
o If I have limited funds and can only donate to help either a terrorist or a leading voice for bigotry, who should I support first? Farrakhan? Or Rasmea?
o Does donating to Ethiopian-Israelis count as supporting Jews of color, or does that make me over issur Zionism?
o I accidentally bought Israeli produce. May I donate it to the intersectional poor, or is that assur according to hilkhot BDS?
o if I purchased a book written by a progressive who went off the path and became a, lo aleinu, conservative, should I burn the book with my chometz?

The last 3 are under the hashtag #DearRabbiSarsour.
Less than 24 hours and already we have a breakaway.

Maybe we should ask Rabbi Sarsour…?

(EoZ: As far as I can tell, my contribution to the #AskRabbiSarsour hashtag has been the most successful:)

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