December 7, 2019

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Palestinians claim that Israel, in the 1950s, had committees to steal Palestinian heritage

Here’s one of the more bizarre articles by Palestinians about how Israelis have “stolen” their supposed heritage.

Usually these articles stick with falafel, but this guy – Dr. Fayez Rashid – goes all out.

In Al Quds al Arabi, he quotes a Palestinian researcher called Nabil ‘Alqam. ‘Alqam  who mentioned a statistic, which was taken from a book called “Orientalism, Zionism, and Popular Folklore”, by Mun’im Haddad, a professor at Haifa University.

According to Haddad, out of 18,500 stories that are purportedly from the Israeli heritage/folklore that Haddad recorded, 11,944 are really from Arab folklore, told by Jews from Arab and Islamic countries, and out of those, 215 are Palestinian stories.

So specific! It must be true!  (Although I’m surprised that there are over 18,000 Israeli folklore stories. Unless he means “Jewish.”)

Rashid also complains that Israel donated plants and flowers to China for a botanical garden set up during the 2008 Olympics that were really “Palestinian.” And that Israelis received awards for Arab dishes in international competitions. And that Israelis love to steal Palestinian songs and dances like the Dabka.

Rashid goes on to say that in the 1950s, Israel (presumably the government) set up committees to steal Palestinian heritage.

That must have been where all those wooden camels that tourists in the 1960s brought back from Israel came from!

Rashid goes on to say that there is no Israeli culture which is why they are forced to steal the culture from others, and implies that Jews have been doing that for centuries.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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