March 8, 2021

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Palestinians attacking banks that aren’t paying terrorists

Earlier this month, some Palestinian banks started closing the accounts that were being used to pay terrorists after Palestinian Media Watch started a letter writing campaign to them saying that they were opening themselves up to lawsuits by participating in what is known as “pay to slay.”

Since then, these banks are being threatened and attacked.

Gunmen shot at the Cairo Amman Bank branch in Jenin on three separate occasions over the weekend. The first one shattered the front window of the bank.



Members of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement are said to have attacked other banks with bullets and Molotov cocktails in recent days.

Relatives of murderers are also being interviewed in Arab media complaining about how they are losing their income. The father of Ibrahim Bakri, who participated in an attack that killed 9 in Safed in 2002 along with his cousin, say that the Bank of Jordan closed his family’s account which was getting funded by the  Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority, funded by Europe, is paying terrorists. It’s main political party is shooting at and bombing banks that aren’t paying terrorists. Its media is sympathetic towards terrorists who suddenly are losing their blood salaries.

Let’s give these guys a state.

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