May 30, 2020

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Palestinian officials view comparing the coronavirus to suicide bombing to be "incitement and racism" against Palestinians

The official Palestinian Wafa news agency has a weekly feature where it analyzes Israeli media and lists examples of what it calls “incitement and racism in the Israeli media.”

Sometimes its examples prove their own bigotry and immorality far more than proving any supposed Israeli racism.

One of these examples from today comes from social media. Avi Dichter, a Likud member, wrote on Facebook: 

Just as we were victorious over suicide bombings, we will also win the fight against the coronavirus! Two decades ago reality in Israel seemed unimaginable. For several years, the buses ran almost empty and the restaurants were desolate. Waves of terror suicide attacks caused many to shut themselves up in their homes. Just as we are careful nowadays who we are around  because of those who could infect us with corona, even then we looked at suspicion towards anyone who was not familiar to us. And in the end, we defeated suicide terrorism.

This is a phenomenon, just like the suicide terror, where we have to be ready on the state, public and personal levels in new ways. As terror comes in waves, so does the coronavirus. In the next wave we will have to be prepared better than before to protect all of our citizens. 

The official Palestinian news agency, which publishes nothing without approval from the Palestinian Authority, is saying that comparing suicide bombers to a deadly virus – both of whom kill random, innocent people – is “incitement” against Palestinians.

The only way that makes sense is if they are saying that suicide terror against the innocent is not terrorism at all but freedom fighting.

This is of course how they really do think, but they are careful not to say it in English. In reality, they are offended by anyone comparing the most immoral people on Earth – suicide terrorists – with a virus.

And they are right, in a way that they don’t realize. The coronavirus doesn’t have free will. Suicide bombers are far worse than the coronavirus. Yet to the mainstream of Palestinian society, suicide bombers are still people to be respected, praised – and, circumstances permitting, emulated.

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