May 25, 2020

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Palestinian leaders – and their "progressive" fans – support their paying terrorists above education, infrastructure, hospitals….
Yes, these are Palestinian prisoners in Israel

From TOI:

A spokesman for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas denounced Israel’s decision to cut half a billion shekels in funds over its payments to security prisoners and their families Sunday.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh called the decision to implement the law “piracy of the Palestinian people’s money.”

Abu Rudeineh said the move would not keep the Palestinians from supporting “imprisoned heroes” or the families of those killed while carrying out attacks.

Acting PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said Israel’s cutting of PA funds is “a part of a plan to destroy the National Authority and deny it the ability to continue to provide services and fulfill its commitments to its citizens.”

“Cutting the maqasa funds puts the Palestinian economy in danger and threatens our ability to pay employees’ salaries on time,” he added, using the Arabic term that refers to the taxes that Israel collects on behalf of the PA and then transfers back to Ramallah.

The Palestine National Council also released a statement saying that “Palestinian prisoners are prisoners of war who fought for the salvation from the occupation and live in dignity in their homeland” and that Palestinian institutions will continue to provide full care for the prisoners and families of martyrs and wounded.”

Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah said “We will not be deterred from continuing to take care of the families of the prisoners and the martyrs, no matter what the cost, and that this measure will be met by a clear Palestinian position, official and public.”

The Palestine Mission to Austria called the terrorists “national heroes.”

Hanan Ashrawi said Israel “has systematically demonized and dehumanized all Palestinian political prisoners to justify its crime.” Yes, being imprisoned for murdering Jewish children is “political” – because to Palestinians, they are heroes.

The clear message is that when funds are short, the top priority of the Palestinian leadership is payment of money to terrorists and their families. The major policy that encourages terrorists to continue to murder Jews is considered sacrosanct – more important than paying employees, more important than building schools, more important than building hospitals, more important than paying social security or to help those who are sick or wounded from not attempting to murder Jews.

Ariel Gold, of CodePink, came out in support of the Palestinian policy, calling Israel’s withholding of funds “apartheid.” (Her logic is a bit fuzzy, but that is to be expected.)

Richard Silverstein and Ben White likely railed against any attempt to reduce payments to terrorists.

Any people who prioritize terrorists over taking care of their own larger population does not deserve to be rewarded with statehood. It seems obvious – but the world still supports the people who will imperil their own in order to support their murderers.

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