November 30, 2021

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Palestinian government: "Balfour Declaration the biggest political crime in history"
Autotranslated headline of article in Al Ahram

The Palestinian Authority, has issued what is perhaps the most over-the-top statement yet about the Balfour Declaration.

The State of Palestine has decided to sue Britain for its intention to support the Balfour Declaration, which paved the way for the establishment of the State of Israel in Palestine.

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki announced in remarks to official Palestinian radio on Sunday that he condemned the British government’s insistence on celebrating Balfour’s centennial instead of responding to Palestinian demands to apologize for it.

He said the British position “represents a great challenge to the British people, the international community and Palestine on the subject and reflects a real indifference to the historical responsibility and crime committed by Britain a hundred years ago.”

He added that this position “must be met by counter-Palestinian measures through the legal side to bring legal proceedings against the British government, whether in the British or European courts for the crimes committed against the Palestinian people.”

Al-Malki pointed out that the Palestinian side “tried to give Britain a way to change its position and retreat in a dignified manner by presenting several proposals to try to correct the historical mistake they committed against the Palestinian people.”

For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Information stressed that the determination of British Prime Minister Theresa May to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration and boast to the Parliament of her country’s role in establishing and consecrating the occupying state Israel is a repeat of the biggest political crime in human history and continues to break out of all diplomatic traditions.

It stressed in a statement yesterday that May’s refusal to apologize for and insist on the black promise reflects not only extreme political trends, but also demonstrates a major moral crisis emanating from a British eye bent on blindness and brazenly defending the denial of Palestinian rights.

May and all those who support the British government’s promise in the defense of political sin can not contribute to any formula for a just and comprehensive peace not only in Palestine but also in the entire world.

The defense of the Balfour Declaration means practically neutralizing the idea of ​​occupation, supporting racial discrimination, pride in the British colonial legacy, and glorifying the two world wars: the first and second, and the bloody consequences, and the blind bias and polarization.that preceded them

The ironic thing is that the British government has been downplaying the Balfour centenary, with only a single low-key official event  that no one of note attended on Wednesday night. The major effort to mark the occasion is a private dinner that Netanyahu and May will attend next week hosted by the current Lords Balfour and Rothschild.

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