July 30, 2021

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Palestinian asylum seekers in Europe are not fleeing Israel – they are fleeing Hamas


Haaretz has an article on how many Gazans are seeking asylum in Belgium.

Even though the UN considers many of them to be “Palestine refugees” under the UNRWA definition, that isn’t enough to actually gain asylum anywhere in the world, because asylum is for real refugees who have a real fear of persecution in their home country – which does not apply to Arabs in Israel or in the territories.

Not from Israel, at least.

The Palestinian refugees seeking asylum in Belgium (and all of Europe) are not seeking protection from Israel – but from Hamas.

Adel Atieh, the deputy head of the Palestinian mission to the European Union, points out that eleven years ago, there were only 3,000 Palestinians in Belgium. Today, however, Atieh estimates that that there are around 10,000 Palestinian asylum seekers living there, with as many as 98 percent of them hailing from the Strip.

Based on the argument that there are human rights violations under Hamas and that their security is under threat by the Hamas militia, Palestinians from the Strip traditionally had much higher chances to get asylum in Belgium than Palestinians from the West Bank,” says Atieh. “A lot of them came after the 2008-2009 and the 2014 wars,” he adds. 

We have noted that the only Palestinians who seek asylum worldwide are claiming persecution from Hamas in the past.

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