August 4, 2020

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PA: Any reporting that makes Palestinians look bad is "anti-Arab incitement and racism"

The official Wafa news agency of the Palestinian Authority has a biweekly feature where they claim to monitor instances of anti-Arab incitement  and racism in Israeli media.

Here are some examples that they give of “incitement”:

– An article in Israel Hayom (similar articles were in Arutz-7) talked about sexual harassment and assault by Arabs against Jewish women in mixed Arab-Jewish towns. Women who were interviewed were frightened to walk at night anywhere alone for fear of being raped. Police consider many of these attacks to be “nationalistic” (i.e., terror.)

– Nadav Shragai had an article also in Israel Hayom that said that UNSC resolution 2334 should be thrown in the garbage, and he reminded readers that Arabs had put toilets right on the Kotel in years past and flushed their sewage in the holy site. (It is certainly true that Israeli soldiers saw a toilet attached to the Kotel in 1967.)

– Yediot Aharonot published an op-ed saying that Israeli Arabs should be forced into doing national service instead of joining the army, and Israel should groom a new generation of Arab leadership that is not supporting terror, like the “fifth column” of Hanin Zoabi and and Bassil Ghattas.

In all the examples of “incitement” there was not a single example of actual incitement – no one praising people who kill Arabs, no one calling for to stab or run over Arabs, no claiming that IDF soldiers who killed Arab civilians are heroes. According to the Palestinian Authority, “incitement” is anything that makes Arabs look bad, and the truth is irrelevant.

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