August 4, 2020

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On the same day Muslims attacked churches in Sri Lanka, Arab site suggests Jews were behind Notre Dame fire

Saudi/Egyptian news site Medan El Akbar has an op-ed by Amjad Al – Masry about the burning of the Notre Dame church in Paris whose main paragraph says:

Apart from any conspiracy theory and the results of the investigations carried out by the French authorities on the incident about whether it was a deliberate sabotage or a normal accident due to negligence or similar, any good reader of history can sense the smell of Jews in the story or would orient his mind in the direction of their guilt or even accusation of this incident. From their point of view, they never forget, especially their rabbis, how the Jewish Talmud was burned in the courtyard of the Notre Dame Church in the thirteenth century AD in what was known as the history of the  Disputation of Paris and of Pope Gregory I, who saw in the Talmud frank hostility against Christ and the Christian religion.

This is of course ironic because while that incident was the spark for the next 800 years of Christian antisemitism, Jews have never been known to attack and burn churches. But Muslims have attacked dozens of churches in the 21st century alone  – including the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka on the very same day this op-e was published!
(An excellent article about the Disputation of Paris can be seen here.)

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