July 14, 2020

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Honor/shame dynamic: Palestinians to send patients to Arab hospitals instead of Israel


In a cabinet session today, Palestinian Authority prime minister Mohammad Ashtiyeh spoke about a  decision to stop medical transfers to Israeli hospitals and instead to send patients to Arab countries.

“Delegations were sent to Egypt and Jordan to study the start of remittances to Arab countries and to dispense with remittances to Israel,” he said.

This would involve significant delays for the patients themselves.  Not to mention that the hospital facilities in Arab countries are inferior to Israel’s.

Which means that the main reason for this decision in not what is best for Palestinians but what is considered “honorable.” Saving patients’ lives is shameful, if Jews have anything to do with it.

The appeal to honor, and to avoid shame, is so important to Palestinian leaders that they have started to rename President Trump’s “deal of the century” to the “deal of shame” in their media in order to stop any chance that some reasonable Palestinians might publicly support it.

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