May 25, 2018

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On a Train, Crazily (video)

By Daphne Anson


Atzmon’s April Fool’s Day video,  what a meshugge mix!

In making this curious video, using footage by pro-Israel investigative journalist/blogger David Collier of a recent meeting at the London School of Economics addressed by Richard Falk and Chris Doyle of CAABU, antisemitic Jew and Israel-hater Gilad Atzmon succeeds only in scoring an own goal.

In attempting to discredit the doughty British campaigner against antisemitism, Jonathan Hoffman (who with a Jewish fellow protester was ejected from the lecture theatre), he demonstrates only that Mr Hoffman (whose courage and dedication in exposing and confronting antisemites on British campuses and elsewhere is legendary) is a hero.

Professor Mary Kaldor, who’s Jewish by parentage, is the charming chairperson in Atzmon’s (oops, Collier’s) footage. 

The woman who appears at the end of the video, called a “witch” by a distraught Jewish student, is the unabashedly antisemitic Pamela Hardiment/Arnold.

As you were, Mr Hoffman.  Carry on, sir!

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