March 22, 2019

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Not Cute & Cuddly (videos)

By Daphne Anson


 Activists on an American campus and their Jew-hatred:

“The Jews are behind every conspiracy … human garbage …”
So, citing the Quran, stated Abdul Samee’ Al-‘Arabeed, Professor of Quranic Studies at Al-Aqsa University, on 19 July this year ( video):

Another video:

In a Friday sermon on 27 July at the Al-Faruq Mosque, Copenhagen, Imam Mundhir Abdallah claimed that his sermon of 31 March last year, for which he was recently indicted on charges of hate speech, was not about the Jews, but about Palestine. To quote the uploader:

For MEMRI TV’s translation of this sermon, in which he had recited the antisemitic hadith about the Prophecy of the Rock and the Tree, see MEMRI TV clip 6013. “The only solution for Palestine is Jihad,” said Imam Abdallah in his recent sermon, calling for the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate. “That means war,” he emphasized, “not in Denmark and not elsewhere, but in Palestine, to liberate it from the occupation.” For more statements by Imam Abdallah, where he said that the “rampaging, filth, and vileness” of the Jews reflect their “immutable nature,” see MEMRI TV clip 6689. The July 27 sermon, which was delivered partly in Arabic and partly in English, was posted on the Al-Faruq Mosque Facebook page.

Meanwhile, towards the end of this clip, plucky Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist politely but passionately explains to an interviewer why Islamic face coverings should not be tolerated in Denmark, Sweden, or the rest of Europe.

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