April 6, 2020

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New blood libel in Arab media


Dr. Moustafa El Leddawi, a former Hamas leader in Lebanon and Syria, has written offensive and antisemitic screeds before.  He said that Jesus was the first “Palestinian fedayeen (freedom fighter)” and that, in contrast, the Jewish messiah is supposed to be a “terrorist.”

And he has referred to the medieval blood libel as fact.

Leddawi has done it again, this time in the context of Sukkot rather than Passover.

He writes in a Libyan news site that while Jews celebrate and rejoice during the holiday, Palestinians are “tortured and persecuted.”

Not only that, but Jewish joy during a holiday is dependent on making Palestinian lives miserable, according to Leddawi. The Jews “rejoice at their sorrows and dance on their wounds,” he writes.

Muslims who object to Jewish celebrations, we are told, are either killed or arrested.

He concludes:

It is odd how glad these Jews are at the sorrows of others, and how they build their happiness on the misery of their neighbors, and how they accept for themselves joy while others are tortured and persecuted, and suffer and suffer – but this is not surprising. In history, while they were in Europe, they kidnapped Christian children and pierced them and gathered their blood in pots, and then made their holiday pie, to rejoice with their children, and eat the [Christians]. This is their joy on the blood of innocent children, and they are not strangers to building their happiness on the misery of others.

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