September 19, 2020

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New ambassador to Jordan notes that Jordan relies on Israel

From Palestine Today:

The new ambassador to Jordan, Amir Weissbrod, said in his first statement on Wednesday that Israel is no longer as an isolated state.

“Israel is no longer an isolated state in the region as it was in the past. We have not succeeded in solving all of our problems in the region. It is clear that there are opponents of peace with Israel. They are calling for boycotting it and prohibiting communication with it. But more Jordanians have recognized that Israel is an important and credible partner to the challenges facing the Kingdom in the region.

“Even if we do not agree on some bilateral issues between Amman and Tel Aviv, Israel is a true and honest partner for Jordan in light of the difficult reality in which the Kingdom lives, and our task today is to translate this constructive cooperation at the official level between our two peoples “.

This is the truth that the Arabs want to hide from their own people. Israel does not cause instability – on the contrary, it is the most stable state in the region, and one that can be relied upon by Arab countries more than they can trust each other.

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