May 21, 2018

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Nah, not antisemitic: "Zionists and their insane rabbis from the Talmud"

A Jordanian writer, Assad Aezzona, writes a bizarre rant in about how Zionists are relentlessly attacking Jordan.

I seem to have missed the story, but  he is referring to the Jews who are insulted that Jordan led the UNESCO resolution that denies any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

What is funnier is that while he considers Zionists defending their capital to be a scurrilous attack on Jordan, he nonchalantly begins his article with an antisemitic stream of consciousness – but substituting “Jews” with “sons of Zion.”

We say it again and again with evidence as solid as the mountains, it’s not safe to coexist with the sons of Zion throughout history, and they proved it at all stages of their lives with their betrayals, [while we] gave them security and safety, they showed their hostility towards humanity through the lies of being God’s chosen people, and that God the merciful created everyone just to serve them, and the fact that such heresies are found only in the Babylonian Talmud written by insane rabbis …

Aezzona goes on to lots of unrelated topics, including claiming that it was Jordanian intelligence that was compromised by Trump in his meeting with Lavrov, not Israeli intelligence. Also that Jordan’s king should have won the Nobel Peace Prize instead of Begin and Peres.

But he is very, very upset over “Zionists” attacking Jordan.

Previously, Aezzona has written that ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a rabbi and that he looks forward to the final battle between Muslims and Jews. 

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