May 21, 2018

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J-Street says even pre-1967 Jerusalem isn’t Israeli

J-Street is very upset at  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley for breaking with longstanding US policy and saying unequivocally that the Western Wall is part of Israel.

On their blog, they explain why – and this supposedly pro-Israel group supports the inexcusable position that all of Jerusalem is up for negotiation, not just the parts Israel liberated 50 years ago.

Despite repeated promises on the campaign trail, the Trump administration has, for the most part, taken a cautious approach towards the question of relocating the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Yesterday, reports circulated that the Trump administration planned to hold off on the move for the time being. That’s wise and in-line with precedent. Presidential candidates often promise to relocate the embassy if elected, but to date, nobody has.

There’s a good reason for that.

The US has long maintained that Jerusalem is a final-status issue that must be resolved by the parties in the context of negotiations. It has refrained from any decision – like moving the embassy – that could signal that the United States has, in any way, prejudged the outcome.

US policy is clear. The United States – like nearly every other country – does not recognize the sovereignty of any party in any part of Jerusalem (East or West). It has never recognized the Western Wall as part of the state of Israel….Until a peace agreement is reached, Jerusalem’s status will remain in flux.

Polls of Americans a few years ago – not only American Jews, but Americans – show a strong preference for Jerusalem remaining the unified capital of Israel under Israeli control.

Should Jerusalem remain the undivided capital of Israel or should the United States force Israel to give parts of Jerusalem, including Christian and Jewish holy sites, to the Palestinian Authority? (Independent Media Review Analysis, September 2011)
September 2011
Remain undivided
Force/give parts
Don’t know/refused
Do you believe that Jerusalem should stay entirely under Israel’s control or that Jerusalem should be divided between Israel and the Palestinians? (The Israel Project)
June 2011
Under Israel’s control
Should Jerusalem remain as Israel’s undivided capital in any peace agreement with the Palestinians? (McLaughlin & Associates, October 2010)

J-Street isn’t only opposing what a majority of Jews want. They aren’t only opposing what a majority of Israelis want. They aren’t opposing what the majority of Congress wants.

They are opposing even what Americans want.
Because, by any measure, J-Street’s positions are nearly  indistinguishable from those of the Palestinian Authority and diametrically opposed to those of any conceivable Israeli government.

J-Street claims to be pro-Israel – but it wants Israel to negotiate Jerusalem, as if one’s heart is negotiable.

The only thing remotely Jewish about J-Street is the sheer chutzpah they have to call themselves “pro-Israel.”

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