April 12, 2021

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Moroccan schools to teach the Holocaust


This has to be a positive development, although the Moroccan king has been recognising the Holocaust for almost then years now. But teaching the Holocaust must not avoid the question of Arab complicity with Nazism. Will Moroccan schools mention that wartime labour camps existed on Moroccan soil, and will they exaggerate the Moroccan king’s role in ‘saving’ the Jews? (With thanks: Michelle)

King Mohammed VI of Morocco on Wednesday ordered that the Holocaust be included in the school textbooks of Maghreb high schools, the Moroccan news website Le Desk reported.

 King Mohammed VI

The report, widely circulated on social networks, indicated that during his visit to the United Nations General Assembly, the king sent an order to the Moroccan Minister of Education to introduce studies on the Holocaust to the curriculum.

“The history we teach our children must contain a range of pluralistic opinions and stories. It must present the greatest moments of humanity as well as its darkest moments,” the king stated, according to the report.

“Education has the power to fight against discrimination and racism and against the ugly phenomenon of anti-Semitism,” the king added.

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