May 27, 2020

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More Reasons for a "Phobia"

By Daphne Anson


Another instance of the “cultural enrichment” that Islam exports to western countries and which western feminists, with a few honourable exceptions, so studiously ignore.  I wish I could dub him an Olde Tyme preacher but he is preaching misogyny for the here and now:

To quote the uploader,

‘In a fatwa session posted online, Kuwaiti sheikh Othman Al-Khamis cited the Quranic verse pertaining to wife-beating, and said: “The beatings must not be hard. It is more of a psychological beating, the purpose of which is to humiliate the wife.” He further explained that “he shouldn’t break her bones, and he shouldn’t beat her on the face.” A video of his statements was posted on his YouTube channel on January 31.’

Another Islamic expositor, this one based in Norway:

To quote the same uploader:

Mullah Fateh Krekar, former founder and leader of the Sunni terrorist group Ansar Al-Islam, said that “all the world’s powers combined” cannot beat the ideology of the Islamic State organization. Mullah Krekar, whose original name is Najmaddin Faraj Ahmad, arrived in Norway in 1991 as a refugee and has been living there since. In an interview with NRT TV, a channel frannel from Iraqi Kurdistan, Krekar said that if the Islamic State is eliminated, a similar group will emerge, because its ideology is rooted in literary sources that are unchangeable, like the Quran and the Hadith. He labeled President Trump’s policies “false bravado” and challenged him to send his “most courageous men” to Libya to fight the “lions of Islam.” The interview aired on February 20.’

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