August 14, 2020

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Mahmoud Abbas sends a wreath to the grave of a planner of Munich Olympics massacre

The representative of the PLO to Tunisia, Heil Fahoum, placed wreaths on the graves of three Fatah members who were assassinated by the rival Abu Nidal organization 29 years ago in Tunis.

The wreaths were sent by Mahmoud Abbas.

One of the people that Abbas honored is Salah Khalaf, known as “Abu Iyad,” a founder of the Black September Organization. In his memoir, he said that he had hand-picked the gunmen for the Munich Massacre of Israeli athletes at the Summer Olympic Games, as well as having transported the assault rifles and grenades used in the attack. Abu Daoud has said that Abu Iyad was his partner in organizing the terror attack.

The Palestinian authority has named a school after Khalaf in Tulkarem.

At the ceremony, attendees stressed that the blood of the three “martyrs” will not be wasted.

Anyone who says that Abbas no longer supports terror isn’t reading his own official media.

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