October 20, 2021

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Mahmoud Abbas’ "moderate" Fatah praises dead tunnel terrorists


Fatah has condemned Israel’s blowing up a terror tunnel that reached into Israel from Gaza, killing at least 7 Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists.

Count the lies from the PA’s official news agency Wafa (Arabic)::

RAMALLAH, 10-30-2017 (WAFA) – The Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) condemned the Israeli crime that targeted our people in the Gaza Strip, killing 7 civilians and injuring 14 others.

Fatah said in a statement issued Monday evening that their blood would not be wasted and that the perpetrators would not escape justice.

It wasn’t a crime. The tunnel was targeted, not people. Israel didn’t attack Gaza, the explosion was on Israeli territory. And Hamas/Islamic Jihad admit freely that the dead were “militants.”

Wafa in English adds:

Some apparently died from inhaling poisonous gas reportedly fired by the Israeli air force at the tunnel.

Yeah, the IAF shoots poison gas rockets.  In Israeli territory.

The Fatah terrorist wing, the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, celebrated the  “martyrdom” of the terrorists and said:

We affirm that the blood of the martyrs will not be wasted and that the Zionist enemy bears the consequences of this sinful crime. We also affirm that the blood of the martyrs will be the fuel for the continuation of the resistance until the occupation is defeated from all of Palestine.

The Fatah Facebook page showed a picture of the dead “martyrs” saying that they are alive in paradise, and claiming that they are smiling in death.

Mahmoud Abbas’ party, and his government’s official news agency, supports terrorism and  lies as easily as they  speak.

These are the moderates that Israel is supposed to make peace with.

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