April 20, 2019

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Love & Hate, New Time, Olde Tyme


By Daphne Anson


Canadian politician Candice Bergen (yes, really!) poses a straightforward question regarding funding for an antisemitic group in Toronto to Pierre Trudeau, and receives a less than straightforward answer. 

Meanwhile, two tweets from a brave man:

And another of those lovable Olde Tyme-in-our-time preachers:


To quote the translator and uploader, Memri.org:

‘During a parliamentary session in Gaza, Hamas MP and cleric Yunis Al-Astal recited at length quotes from the Quran, vilifying the Jews. “We do not have time to list their abominations, which merited their transformation into apes and pigs,” he added, saying that due to these faults, Jewish scholars were described as “dogs,” and the simple people were described as “donkeys.” Al-Astal further said that Allah has gathered “those corrupters” in Palestine in order “to annihilate their corruption at the hands of His servants of great might,” and ended with a recommendation to produce a generation of “servants of Allah with great might.” The Gaza parliamentary session aired on Al-Quds TV (Lebanon).’

And a preacher stateside:


To quote CAMERAorg:

‘Gayle Harris, Suffragan Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, defames Israel while speaking at a meeting of the denomination’s House of Bishops during the 2018 General Convention.

During her testimony in favor of a resolution that condemned Israel for allegedly mistreating Palestinian children (but made no mention of the hate-indoctrination on television shows broadcast by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority), Harris accused Israeli soldiers of shooting a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in the back 10 times.

When did this happen? What is the name of the victim? The first that the world heard of this atrocity was from Harris herself speaking at a church meeting a few years after the alleged incident happened. That doesn’t make any sense. Since when would Palestinian leaders fail to broadcast such an atrocity to the world?

Harris also told a story about Israeli security officials attempting to handcuff a three-year-old boy after his rubber ball bounced off the Temple Mount onto the Western Wall.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center highlighted the absurdity of the bouncing-ball story: “There is a high stone wall on top of the Temple Mount that blocks balls and people from going over the side.” Moreover, as anyone who has been on the Temple Mount can attest, Israeli soldiers do not need to “come up” to the Temple Mount as Harris stated, because they are already stationed on the site.

CAMERA has called on Bishop Harris to provide confirmatory details about these stories and if she can’t retract them and apologize for spreading unsubstantiated propaganda to her fellow Bishops. The Israel-Palestinian conflict is tragic enough. It does not need to be made worse by unsubstantiated atrocity stories that only serve to demonize Israel.’  (See also here and here)

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