December 16, 2018

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Looking Ahed to a Birthday

By Daphne Anson


In glorious downtown Sydney today, an inglorious combination of ultra-left and Islamic foes of Israel come out to shill for Pallywood’s Ahed Tamimi.

To quote an activist:

“Ahed’s birthday is on January 31 — and there will be global protests on this day to demand her release from prison.”

 (Photographer: Peter Boyle for Green Left Weekly)

Ultra-left Senator Lee Rhiannon lends her notoriously Israel-demonising voice to proceedings:

 Meanwhile,  a ridiculous piece by UCIrvine professor and Israel basher Mark LeVine:

‘….Not long after her arrest, the scholar Shenila Khoja-Moolji rightly asked why the world has shown such support for Malala Yousafzai, but not for Ahed. Both are young women who’ve faced incredible violence and oppression, and both share the same grit and determination. But it’s also clear that Ahed is a very different person with a different story. She’s suffered less physically, at least so far. But she also didn’t have the luxury of being “saved” by her former colonizer. Spirited away to the UK to be healed, given citizenship, given a Nobel Prize. Feted around the world as a symbol of what a Muslim women can and should be. And, of course, Malala stood up to America’s mortal enemy, the Taliban, while Ahed is fighting America’s darling, Israel. As long as there’s no understanding of how close Israel’s treatment of Palestinians mirrors the Taliban’s treatment of women – no rights, permanent confinement to ever smaller prisons, violence and murder without regard to international law or morality – there’s no chance Ahed will ever be seen in the same light as Malala….’

A well-justified piece by Israel-based human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky:

‘…. Urged on by her parents, Ahed Tamimi miraculously seems to appear whenever the cameras start rolling, trying to manipulate the media and provoke Israeli soldiers to create some viral video.

This girl should be given an Oscar for “Best Actress Starring in a Fake Protest”, not lauded as a hero or symbol of resistance.

It is important to note that the Israeli soldiers were only in Nabi Saleh to stop a violent Palestinian riot following President Trump’s December 6 announcement recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In this case, the soldiers acted with the utmost restraint and professionalism. They could have easily succumbed to Ms Tamimi’s trap and arrested her on the spot.

That the Palestinians and their enablers in the international community seek to lionise Ms Tamimi only helps perpetuate this conflict by placing children in harm’s way. Israeli authorities had no option but to make it clear that assault against IDF forces will not be tolerated.

Meantime, Ms Tamimi’s father, who has played the role of “director” in his family’s ongoing PR campaign, said: “I’m proud of my daughter. She is a freedom fighter who, in the coming years, will lead the resistance to Israeli rule.”

Whatever one’s views on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, we should all agree that children belong in school, not paraded on the battlefield.

Such cynical and blatant exploitation by the Tamimi parents constitutes gross abuse….’

Oh, and LeVine’s concern for women’s rights?

How about this, as an indication of young and modern thought?

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