October 4, 2022

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Lies, damned lies and the Palestinian Central Bureau of "Statistics": "Gaza is most crowded place in the world"


The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics issued a document for “Nakba Day” that proves, if anything, that Palestinian statisticians lie just as much as their politicians do.

The document starts off with “Ms. Ola Awad, President of the PCBS, reviews the conditions of the Palestinian people via statistical figures and findings, on the eve of the sixty ninth anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.”

And statistics don’t lie, right?

Well, maybe, but Palestinian statistics and statisticians sure do.

It starts off defining the “Nakba” this way:

[T]he Nakba in Palestine describes a process of ethnic cleansing in which an unarmed nation was destroyed and its population displaced to be replaced systematically by another nation. Unlike a natural catastrophe, the Palestinian Nakba was the result of a man-made military plan with the consent of other states, leading to a major tragedy for the Palestinian people. 

Sure, except that there was no “nation” that was destroyed, the “unarmed” people they are referring to were the ones who started the war, there was no “ethnic cleansing” (except for the Jews of Arab countries,) there was no “Palestinian people” and the vast majority of them left voluntarily to escape the fighting, assuming that their side would win.

Yeah, there is not one part of that paragraph that reflects reality.

But that is just a preamble. How about cold, hard facts?

Population Density: Gaza Strip is the most crowded place in the world 

The population density in Palestine at the end of 2016 was 811 individuals per square kilometer (km2): 526 individuals/km2 in the West Bank and 5,239 individuals/km2 in Gaza Strip. 

The most crowded countries and territories in the world are:

Territory Density (people/km2)
Macau 55,001
Monaco 18,589
Singapore 7,797
Hong Kong 6,644

But the most crowded places are cities, with Manila at over 100,000 people per square kilometer. In fact, Gaza City itself doesn’t rank in the Wikipedia list of most crowded cities – while Bnei Brak in Israel is #6 with over 70,000 per square kilometer.

The document also calls every dead terrorist  a “martyr.”

Oh, and for good measure, this document filled with lies says,”The Israeli Occupation narrative is based on falsification of the culture, civilization and history of Palestine.”

Well they sure know about falsification.

This document comes in handy just in case anyone thought that the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics was any more dedicated to facts and truth than any other Palestinian Arab political entity.

Here’s a video I made in 2009 about the “most crowded” meme:

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