July 30, 2021

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Liberal Jewish women notice that Linda Sarsour may really be an antisemite. (Don’t worry, they’ll forgive her.)


Linda Sarsour published on Facebook the classic antisemitic meme that American Jews who support Israel’s existence are guilty of being more loyal to Israel than to America:

This caused some consternation among Jewish women who may be supportive of every single critic of Israel but who still have some vestiges of pride in their Judaism and awareness of the history of that slur:

Zioness, the unapologetically Zionist feminist group, was much stronger in its criticism:
The ADL also criticized Sarsour by retweeting the AJC:
But the ADL, which has been leaning heavily left, already knew Sarsour was problematic because she had previously accused them of being Islamophobic and absurdly claims that they are responsible for SU police brutality against minorities.
Will the Jewish feminist embracers of intersectionality and supporters of the Women’s March learn the same lesson the ADL did? 
I somehow doubt it.
(See also Ben Shapiro here.)

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