April 18, 2021

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Lebanese minister calls for extending COVID-19 lockdown–because otherwise the Zionists win




Lebanese interior minister Mohammad Fahmi, noting an increase in coronavirus cases in Lebanon, called for a “total lockdown” on the country.

But to make his point, he didn’t say this this was for the safety of the Lebanese people. He didn’t say that he wanted to flatten any curves. 

No, this minister said that by not adhering to a lockdown, Lebanese society would be hurt – which is just what the Israelis want to see.

He explained that “For me , there is no such thing as Israel; there is something called the Zionist entity. It intends  that our society crumbles from within. This is a particular interest of the enemy of our society, and our enemy is clear. If our society does not to abide by public safety, this is in the interest of the Israeli enemy.”

I fully expect an opposition politician, who wants lockdown restrictions lifted, to say that failing to do so would wreck the Lebanese economy, which is exactly what the Zionists want.

It is a strange obsession that Arabs still have with Israel: blaming Israel for everything that is wrong in their own society, labeling their political enemies as “Zionist” and using the word Israel the way some parents use the boogeyman to scare kids into doing what they want.

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