September 23, 2019

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Kuwaiti paper: "Jews are the top terrorists in history"

Today’s example of blatant antisemitism in Arab newspapers comes from Al Jarida in Kuwait, which headlines an article “Jews: Top Terrorists.”

In case you think this is about “Zionists,” the photograph should set you straight:

The article goes through history to “prove” that Jews have been the ultimate and original terrorists, going back to the times of Joshua up until today’s ISIS terrorism which is of course, we are told, connected to Jews.

The article starts its proofs by quoting a Midrash that “the Book and the sword descended from Heaven entwined together.” This is proof, to the author, that violence is inherent in Judaism. (The point of the midrash is that the Book is meant to conquer the Sword, or alternatively if the Jews didn’t accept the Book, then the Jews will be punished with the sword.)

We then learn that the Talmud identified terrorism as a legitimate tool to get what Jews demand.

Jews are identified as anti-Roman terrorists as well. The Jews who committed suicide at Masada were anti-Roman terrorists as well, and since the legend says that they first killed the women and children before killing themselves then this is more proof of their terrorism. When the IDF sends soldiers to Masada, according to the article, it is to imbue them with this tradition of Jewish terrorism.

See? It is all so obvious!

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