April 6, 2020

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Ken Roth tweets how all refugees should be resettled – but @HRW never said that for Palestinians


Another hypocritical tweet from Human Rights Watch’s chief Ken Roth:

Since Ken Roth took his position, I am fairly certain that he never said anything remotely like this for Palestinian “refugees.” On the contrary, HRW advocates the “right to return” for them claiming that Israel must be forced to accept an arbitrary number of Arabs as citizens if they choose  to “return” to where their grandparents lived.

The further irony is that the camps in Lebanon and Syria, Gaza and the West Bank are indeed places that so-called “refugees” get radicalized. In Lebanon, fighting erupts between different parties in the camps fairly regularly, and the sometimes spill into the rest of Lebanon. Roth doesn’t care about Palestinians getting radicalized. He doesn’t call for the camps to be demolished and the residents integrated into their host countries.  And if anyone should be resettled, it is Palestinians whose statelessness has gone on for three generations, a much more acute problem than that of any real refugee group.

Just like Israel is expected to live up to standards that no other nation does, Palestinians have unique human-rights rules as well. They can be denied human rights as long as the reason is to make them cannon fodder against Israel.

Roth is a hypocrite, and this tweet proves it.

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