January 24, 2020

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Jordanian Economist Fantasises About "The Rothschilds" (video)


By Daphne Anson


This broadcast aired on Jordanian television a couple of months ago, and has just come to light thanks to Memri.org, which finds and translates such instances of Jew-hatred in the Muslim world.

To quote Memri TV, in uploading it to YouTube:

‘A Jordanian TV channel recently aired a program about the Rothschild family, according to which it was “the founder of the United States” and owned much of the world’s resources, media, and banks. The show included an interview with Jordanian economic analyst Mohammad Sami Abugoush, who said that “any leader who refused to deal with the Rothschilds would be assassinated.” Abugoush and TV host Rita Altaji agreed that it was Rothschild, and not President Macron, who ruled France, and that “even the U.S. and the mighty British royal family do not rule Britain.” She and her guest concurred that the Rothschilds assassinated U.S. Presidents Lincoln, Kennedy, Garfield, Harrison, Tyler, and Jackson. Abugoush further said that the Jews control the weapon, pharmaceutical, shipping, and agricultural industries, and are withholding the cure for cancer and AIDS from the world in order to make a profit. The show aired on Altaghier TV on June 24’.


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