May 21, 2018

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Jewish family ‘s encounter with Moroccan royals

The Maman family:’we all love the king’

A Jewish family of Moroccan origin bumped into the king of Morocco while he was on holiday in Florida. The king invited them to visit Morocco. Morocco World News (picked up by Barbados News) reports (with thanks: Michelle):

Rabat – “O God, this is our beloved King Mohammed VI,” shouted Eli Maman, a Moroccan Jewish immigrant in Toronto, as he spotted the Monarch and his son, Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, walking in South Beach in Miami, Florida.

 The king arrived in Miami coming from Cuba where he went with his little family on vacation. Maman, who came to Miami for the same reason, was also accompanied with his wife and children.

 “I was nervous when I approached him,” says Maman to MWN, as he related his unexpected encounter with the king.

 A little conversation took place. Eli Maman said to the king: “We all love you and we love our native country Morocco.” The Jewish Moroccan immigrant proudly presented his family and said to the king that one his sons, who studies at the Ahemet Sefardic School in Toronto, was doing a project on the king, the Alaouite Dynasty and Morocco.

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