September 25, 2022

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J-Street sinks into irrelevance, one outraged statement at a time

J-Street tweeted:

And what, exactly, does J-Street have?

They no longer have a White House that artificially boosts them up deliberately to split the US Jewish community and make it appear that far more Jews oppose Israel’s policies than actually do.

All they have are the anti-Israel members of Congress that they gave money to that happened to win despite J-Street’s attempts to make the Iranian nuclear deal a positive reason to vote for them.

I was struck by this statement that J-Street made in reaction to the appointment of John Bolton as Deputy Secretary of State:

Bolton has shown little understanding for the challenges that Israel faces if it is to remain a secure and democratic homeland for the Jewish people. 

If resistance to a pro-terror Palestinian state at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Jews who live in their ancestral homeland is an example of “little understanding,” then J-Street must also believe that Benjamin Netanyahu’s understanding of Israel’s challenges, and the understandings of most of the Knesset, are also woefully inadequate compared to the genius of Jeremy Ben Ami.

This isn’t reasoned argument. This is J-Street lashing out as it is sinking in a sea of its own irrelevance.

I imagine that Ben-Ami also believes that the vast consensus of Israelis who want the US to move its embassy to Jerusalem – which J-Street opposes – are also lacking in understanding of Israel’s challenges. Only Americans like Ben Ami understand Israel (plus, of course, Meretz voters and Haaretz columnists.)

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