April 4, 2020

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Israel has more "human rights" NGOs than anyone else, yet gets accused of not allowing them


From a Twitter thread I wrote today:


For the past few weeks, @KenRoth and @hrw have been claiming that Israel not renewing the work permit of an anti-Israel activist shows how Israel treats human rights orgs.

Here’s an indication of how many human rights NGOs are in Israel today. (I created this picture.)

Don’t believe HRW’s lies.

If any country on Earth has more NGOs per square kilometer, and more NGO workers per capita, than Israel, I’d love to know about it.

Yet instead of showing how open Israel is to criticism, these NGOs compete as to who can make Israel look the worst.

It’s their business model! 

Their mostly Western funders aren’t paying them to find what is good about Israel, or how Israel compares favorably with EVERY other country at war in history. They only pay for dirt, and the workers know that their jobs depend on vilification, not accuracy and context. 
Israel’s very openness is what allows more NGOs to criticize Israel more, with more critical reports and articles and tweets, than any other state in history. (Any counterexamples are welcome. Don’t think you’ll find them.) 
Who will pay to read a report that Israel is more tolerant of Muslims than France (burkini ban) or Switzerland (minaret limits)? No one cares. They want to show Israel is evil, and with enough money thrown at NGOs, amazingly, they find (or create) all the dirt they need! 
It is an entire industry that is funded by people and organizations who generally have a problem with a Jewish state or Jewish sovereignty.

Yet these NGOs, and their funders, have no accountability. No independent audits of their methodology. No fact checkers. No ombudsmen. 

So that’s why @KenRoth can keep obsessing over Israel. He, and the other NGOs, have full impunity – the very thing they falsely accuse Israel of.

Besides @NGOmonitor and sites like mine there is essentially nothing that exists to check this power to unfairly vilify Israel. 

Because Israel is indeed the democracy and open society that these NGOs all fall over themselves to say the opposite. 

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