September 26, 2020

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@IfNotNowOrg leader @RafaelShimunov outs himself as a hateful, lying, disgusting bigot (update)

Vice News had this story about an Israeli emigrant who opened a trendy restaurant in Toronto that uses a 150-year old stone mill from Israel to grind tahini using sesame seeds from Ethiopia.

This was apparently a trigger for Rafael Shimunov, an early founding member of IfNotNow, who responded with a bigoted, hateful tweet that shows what a jerk he is:

The owner of the restaurant is a Yemenite Jew who used to live in Israel. Shimunov sees that he is Israeli  and therefore blames him for imagined Israeli crimes.

The definition of a bigot is someone who generalizes that all people in a group are guilty for the alleged actions of a few.

So from this tweet we know straight off that Shimunov, a card carrying leftist, is a bigot.

But there is more.

Israel never sterilized Ethiopian women. This is simply a lie. Haaretz once made it look like Israeli organizations were giving Ethiopian women birth control without their consent, and even that charge was found to be utterly wrong– back in 2013.

Shimunov is a liar.

But there is more.

Palestinians actually have been found to sterilize women for “honor” reasons. Someone like Shimunov who pretends to care so much about fictional Israeli victims of sterilization never say a word about when their pet Palestinians are proven to have done it for real.

Shimunov is a hypocrite.

But there is more.

Shimunov seems to be upset that an Israeli would import sesame seeds from Ethiopia. This is bizarre, to say the least. What is wrong with helping the economy in Ethiopia? Anyone else who would do it would be considered someone who supports poor farmers in north Africa. Only when a Jew does this it is somehow a problem.

But there is more.

This “woke” person saw a Vice story that made an Israeli look like a nice guy and went ballistic. This one tweet proves that his hate for Israel isn’t because of “occupation” or “settlements” or whatever. It is hate for people – even people of color, even immigrants. It is hate for Vice for making a video about an Israeli that is positive.

The hate that he shows in this one tweet proves that for him (and we see this with other anti-Israel activists) it isn’t about justice or loving Palestinians. It is pure hate that animates him, and so many others.

This hate is indistinguishable from the hate of racists, or bigots, of antisemites.

But this hate is still allowed and celebrated in certain circles.

UPDATE: Now the haters are posting bad reviews in Yelp by claiming that the stone mill, which they say same from the Golan, is “stolen Palestinian property.”

Since when was the Golan Palestinian?

(h/t Tomer)

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